Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A TV day

Craig and I had an absolutely lazy day yesterday. I'd got him S4 of Downton Abbey for his birthday, and he popped the first episode in around 9am. All our plans to do laundry and stuff around the house went out the window as we proceeded to spend the entire day watching it. We ended around dinnertime. I didn't watch S1 or S3, just S2 as Craig mainlined it all outside my presence, but it Craig caught me up on the various things that I missed, and I did enjoy it quite a bit.

But since we've cleared so much off the DVR, the only things left to watch after the kids went to bed were Bones (which Craig doesn't watch anymore), the new Once Upon a Time (which I have to watch with the kids), and Revolution (which Alicia also watches). So we decided to finally start on one of the shows we keep meaning to try. There's a whole list. Orphan Black. True Detective. House of Cards. Others. We settled on Breaking Bad.

Craig asked me halfway through if we'd bother finishing it if we didn't know it got so good. He didn't think we would, but I disagree. I liked the desperate edge to it without losing its sense of humor. I'm very much unspoiled for most of it, except for the accolades. I knew Walter was sick and what he did, but that was about it. I didn't expect Aaron Paul to be so young, honestly. And the depiction of the marriage felt very honest. So yeah, I think I would've stuck with it regardless of how I know it's esteemed. It'll be our next show to watch, though I don't know how often or how fast we'll go.
Tags: breaking bad, downton abbey, television

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