Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Car troubles

I need a beer. When the kids got home from school, we went out to run errands. First up was the post office. While Alex was dropping stuff off, a gentleman knocked on my window to tell me that my rear tire was almost flat. I thanked him, we left and I went around the corner to the gas station to put air in the tire until I can get it into its service on Saturday morning.

When it was done, I got back in the car and lo and behold, it wouldn't start. I didn't have my current AAA card in my wallet, so I had to go through the whole verification process to make sure our account was current. Then we waited for the guy to show up to jump it. It wasn't too long, thank goodness, and he was really nice, though I was pissed and running on adrenaline. I don't trust running out right now, which sucks because I have to get something Alex needs for school tomorrow, Alicia has practice tonight (a friend is taking her for me), and Craig has yet to return any of my phone calls to let me know whether or not he'll be home in time for me to use his car.

We're also out of beer. Save me now.
Tags: life

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