Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Getting ready for Vegas

So today is prepping for leaving for Vegas tomorrow. We're driving it, which a lot of people think we're crazy for. It's an 8 hour drive without stops, so probably 9 when by the time we get there. Costwise, it's better for us, though, since flights for 4 would rack us over $500, and we'd still have to rent a car when we got there since we want to go out to Hoover Dam or Red Rock on Tuesday. But honestly, we all prefer long drives. We've done them a lot. You have more control, it's more comfortable, and ultimately, by the time we drove to SFO, parked, did security, waited for the plane, flew, then reversed it on the other side, we're looking at 6 hours anyway, so why not drive?

But today is cooking and shopping (we have a suite with a kitchenette, so I'm making a breakfast casserole for us to eat while we're away), laundry and packing. I'm going to get some writing done in the middle of all that. Well, I hope to, anyway.
Tags: life

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