Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Oops, forgot Saturday

I only just realized I forgot to post yesterday. I meant to do it after we got back from the movies, but then...didn't. Oh well.

With Alicia not getting back until late afternoon/early evening, we decided to go see a matinee of Robocop. I know reviews were mixed on it. I know it's a stupid reboot. But I will freely admit, I have been chomping at the bit to see it ever since the first trailer came out. I mean, that cast! Gary Oldman! Jackie Earle Haley! Jay Baruchel! Not to mention Samuel Jackson and Marianne Jean-Baptiste (who I have adored since Secrets and lies, damn she is so good). My expectations were lowered because of the reviews, and yeah, they're probably valid, but we still had fun with it.

After, Craig and Alex went to Gamestop while I killed time in another shop and bought this for myself:

It's very me. Especially with the back:

We got home and because Alicia would be home in the evening and I could *finally* watch my copy of Catching Fire, we rewatched Hunger Games so Craig could get caught up for the second movie. He's never read the books, and he didn't see CF in the theater with me, so it was a first for him. After which he promptly complained it's too much like middle movies like Empire Strikes Back which was his least favorite of the original three, lol. Oh well. Empire was my favorite, so it's no wonder I have zero problems with CF.

Today is a normal Sunday - groceries, laundry, and writing. Oh, my exciting life.
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