Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Hormones suck

It's been a sucky week. I'm hormonal as hell, which also means I'm hungry all the time, so trying to stick with my calories has been a big fail. On top of that, little things keep setting me off, and my dreams have been a riot of emotions. Craig rolled over last night, accidentally brushed against my arm, and it startled me out of my dreams into a minor freakout that then lingered in the dreams that followed when I fell almost right back asleep. I woke up with a headache and so draggy, it's taken me nearly an hour to get around to doing my daily morning stuff online.

Writing has been like pulling teeth as well. I'm only hitting 2/3's of my daily quota, which doesn't do a whiff of good when I'm still all confused about what I'm going to do about potentially going back to work in a couple years.

I'm a barrel of joy this morning, aren't I? I hope your Friday is going better than mine!

ETA: Random piece of trivia. I abhor the word "barrel." In 5th grade, at our city spelling bee, I got 3rd place and bumped from going on to districts (1st and 2nd always went), because I misheard the announcer when she gave me my word. I didn't bother asking her to repeat it or for a definition, because I was convinced she said "burial" and spelled that word instead. Needless to say, that was the last time I let that happen. I made it to districts and regionals the next three years.

Other words that fall within the same realm of gut-clenching when they come up:
--"parallel" Districts, 6th grade. I got this one right in the end, but I started it over 4 times, always stopping after that first L because I couldn't decide for sure where the double L fell, in the middle or at the end. I about gave my mother a heart attack (mitigated slightly when I ended up winning).
--"lingerie" City, 7th grade. Cost me the win and landed me in 2nd place. I have no excuse for this one, lol.
--"motley" City, 8th grade. This got me bumped to 2nd place. It was also before Motley Crue hit it big (barely, but still really dates me, lol) and I'd never heard the word before. Worse, it showed up on our spelling list the following day, a list we would've had the day of the bee except our teacher had been out sick.

ETA #2: I can't decide how pathetic it makes me sound that I remember all this. Or that I still have the program from districts in 6th grade where my mother was writing down all my words. Or that I have a duffel bag in the garage that still has some of my bigger trophies. :P
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