Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Almost Friday

Yesterday's purge resulted in lovely clean cupboards and drawers, and a desktop I can actually use again, albeit briefly mostly likely. I ended up with one bag of trash, one bag of garage sale stuff, and a bag of stuff to put away in other parts of the house.

Today is my bathroom counter. It's a much smaller job, thank goodness, but one that definitely needs to be done.

If anyone else is considering doing it, a list got posted yesterday of areas to declutter, to give you ideas on what small spaces to tackle first. My desk area was probably a little too big based on the parameters of the challenge, but I'm so glad it's done.

Alicia's in Anaheim until Saturday for band stuff, so the house is a little quieter and my life a little less hectic as a result. It gives me more time to try and get caught up on other things, but then again, that's the story of my life, isn't it, lol?
Tags: alicia, decluttering

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