Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Oscar day

Today is my Super Bowl. We are about to head out to the store where we're getting snacky things so at 2pm I can park myself on the couch and start watching pre-show stuff and I don't have to move until the show is over. I kind of love living on the west coast now so that my evening is still free, lol.

I watched a few more movies Friday night and yesterday though I'm not anywhere near seeing everything: Gravity, Nebraska, Blue Jasmnie, and Dallas Buyers Club as well as two animated nominees (The Croods and Despicable Me 2). That leaves at one heavy hitter unwatched (12 Years a Slave) as well as a couple I just want to watch because they look amazing (Her and Philomena).

That doesn't mean I don't have opinions, though I'm not nearly as positive about most of them as I was last year. The hardest two to predict are best supporting actress - it's either going to be Lupita or JLaw, there's viable cases to be made for both as well as pretty much splitting all the pre-Oscar awards - and best actor, because I can't decide if McConaughey's hard campaigning and strong performance are enough to best multi-nominated/never won DiCaprio. I think 12 Years for picture, Blanchett for actress, and Leto for supporting actor are locks.

Who would I have voted for? Well, I didn't see 12 Years, so that's not good. Based on what I saw, though, it would be Bruce Dern for Nebraska (I LOVED that movie so very much), Blanchett, JLaw (she was the best of the four and stole every scene she was in, though I adored June Squibb, too), and Leto (he made me cry so hard, I thought he was stunning).
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