Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

All things TV

I was talking about AI with my mom yesterday and we agree that the judges are way better this season but the talent is very underwhelming. The right person went home last night, but still, after this week's performances, I'm just left with the overwhelming feeling of "meh." I'm going to watch, but more as background filler than anything else.

We'll get caught up on Revolution, Blacklist, and Almost Human this weekend, but I'm thinking I need to watch True Detective, too. I mean, McConaughey and Harrelson? I love those two, and it looks promising. Though in all likelihood, that'll end up having to wait like the rest of Black Sails. We're not getting Starz yet, not until Outlander airs (because I'm insisting on that, lol).

This isn't even taking into considering the S5 Merlin rewatch on my horizon. My kids and their friends never watched it the first time around, so with spring break coming up, that's been deemed a good time to sit and do it. I'm preparing to cry a lot.
Tags: television

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