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The bliss of silence...

My house is completely and utterly quiet. No kids---they're at Nana and Grandad's for the weekend. No husband---he won't be home for another half hour. Just...blessed silence.

I'm enjoying my break while I can. My house is completely clean. I've finished my reading for VK so that I can submit my scores to Mandi tomorrow (provided no new nominations go up in my categories). Done my workout (except for my evening set of reps for my tummy, but I'll do those watching American Idol tonight).

It'll all change once Craig gets home, though. He's got a call with the Americans that starts at 7pm, so I won't have him for company tonight. And the skip arrived today, so that first thing tomorrow morning, Craig and I can tackle the garage. Still...

Life is good. It's been a helluva week, and the next few will be crazy as well, but hey, I'm healthy, I have a husband I adore who treats me better than anyone ever has, and 2 beautiful kids I'm actually missing already. Can't really argue with that. :)

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