Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Quick drive-by

Just a quick drive-by because I'm buried in deadlines right now:

1. People are idiots. This morning, two different cars passed a stopped school bus in front of me (stopped with both the sign and red lights flashing), while kids were getting on. Yes, high school kids, but that's no reason to ignore the bus.

2. Speaking of stupid drivers, I had right away at a four-way yesterday, but the car next to me didn't agree and then flipped me off when I kept on going rather than yield to his asshattery. I don't understand that kind of impatience.

3. My kids will not stop listening to the Frozen soundtrack. It's starting to drive me crazy.

4. Speaking of Frozen, I learned Josh Gad improvised a lot of his lines which only makes me love him more.

5. ...and that the composers also did Book of Mormon, which makes me love them more, too.

6. And because I'm still in a funk over all the deaths recently, I'm posting a picture of just one more reason why I'm so excited about the upcoming Outlander on Starz:

Tags: life, outlander

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