Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Talking about a Revolution

Last night, we got all caught up on Revolution...

It's a little embarrassing, but I absolutely love this show. It's over the top soap opera with sketchy science, but damn if I don't enjoy every second of it, especially this season. I was loving the chemistry between Bas and Charlie there, thinking how much fun it would be to have fic that had them hooking up (the sex would be hot) when Bas really loves Miles and Charlie is the only way he can have him. And now we've got Connor thrown into the mix (and seriously, what is it about these wayward sons being called Connor?), who is so flipping pretty, I can't stand it.

Him and Bas together? He's totally Bas's son. I couldn't believe how well they did the casting the first time they introduced Connor. The bone structure is spot on.

Bas & Connor

And yes, I know Bas is psycho, but he turns those blue eyes on Miles and my heart breaks for him.

Oh, right, there's other people in the cast. I forget that a lot of the time, lol.

So glad it comes back this week.
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