Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Good food, bad exercise

With the inlaws gone, Craig and I are cracking back down on food, which means we're back to using Lose It. For whatever reason, that works for me. I think it's the black-and-white nature of it all. I have definitive numbers of what calories have gone into my mouth, and it allows me to watch trends in loss rather than get hung up on specific days for a weigh-in which can get potentially sabotaged by landing on the wrong day of the month.

Using my Fitbit has been interesting. I'm still not in the habit of making sure I have it on me for the whole day. There have been more than a few that it's got to be 11am and I've realized it's still sitting on my nightstand. That being said, I'm still a slug, lol. My numbers have gone up some, but I have a ton of work to do, which means being on my butt for chunks of time. Last night, I went to Target for one thing and spent an hour wandering the store just to get another couple thousand steps in. My hip has been playing up this week, which isn't conducive to a ton of walking, either. Hopefully the scale going back down will help in all that.
Tags: diet

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