Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Idol, top 10 girls

I have one word for most of the girls who performed last night.


Plus having the girls sing after sitting on nerves waiting to find out if they've been picked? Bad idea. Most of them couldn't handle it and broke down when it came to singing. Not one girl last night had an ohmigod performance for me, and only one really made me feel like she was genuine and deserved to be there. I'll pick my top five, but honestly, only because I feel like I have to.

1. Majesty - I've liked her since her audition (though it always freaks me out when I find out she's older than I think, lol), and while this was an okay performance from her, it ends up standing out more because so many others didn't.
2. Kristen - First off, she shouldn't have sung Adele. She can't do it. Second, she bores me to to tears.
3. Briana - She's a local girl, so we're rooting for her on that behalf, but while she can sing, she's not really a performer, is she?
4. Jena - I like the idea of Jena more than the reality. She had some good moments with "Paint It Black," but when Harry called her on what the song meant, it really highlighted a problem with most of the female contestants this time around. They have no idea what they're singing about and so it comes across as very artificial.
5. Bria Anai - She may look like a pop star, but she doesn't sound like one. I cringed through most of this performance.
6. Marrialle - Another one who looked like a pop star, but she's had voice issues since Hollywood.
7. Jessica - I like Jessica's voice and her confidence, but I have to admit, I don't like *her*. She's rubbed me the wrong way since Hollywood, and I'm finding it difficult to shake, even though I preferred her performance over others last night.
8. Emily - One of the stronger vocals of the night, but another one where she doesn't know who she is and what she's really singing.
9. MK - This was my favorite performance of the night. Her vocal wasn't perfect by a longshot, but there was an authenticity to her that everybody else lacked.
10. Malaya - She's another of my favorites from auditions, and while this wasn't great - too over the top and uncontrolled for the song, I felt - I still like her. She's got mad potential.

My top 5, based on tonight's performances:
1. MK
2. Majesty
3. Jena
4. Jessica
5. Malaya

I wouldn't mind seeing Emily or Brianna make it through because they've got the chops, but Bria, Marrialle, and Kristen have got to go.
Tags: american idol

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