Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Where Sunday doesn't go as we planned.

We had plans yesterday that ended up going kaplooie. Craig and his dad had gone into the city a couple weeks to see Book of Mormon and ended up having lunch at the Franciscan, which is a crab restaurant on Embarcadero. Tourist central. They wanted to take us in for a meal, so it was decided we'd do Sunday lunch rather than a weekend evening meal to make sure we could get in. Big mistake.

We left here early so we could go to the Exploratorium for a few hours first. It's on piers 15-17, and the restaurant is on pier 43. That's just over a mile. 1.2 to be exact. We drove in because Craig's aunt has some issues with her knee and we figured that would be the least walking.

Getting to the Exploratorium wasn't a problem. We got there about fifteen minutes after it opened, and it was already starting to get busy. See, yesterday was an absolutely stunning day in the city. Mid-60s, no wind, beautiful blue sky. Which meant everybody was out. EVERYBODY.

We left the Exploratorium at 1:45. Traffic was so insane, it took us 45 minutes to get to the restaurant. It's a straight shot down a single road. Craig dropped me off so I could get a table while he went off in search of parking. I got on the phone as soon as I was seated, because I had my iPad to help him find parking in the area.

An hour and ten minutes later, he was still in the car. Every single structure was full, and traffic was so heavy, it was taking him ten minutes to travel a single city block. So I left the restaurant, he came back to pick me up, and then we headed out of the city. When our fuel light came on before we ever hit the highway.

INSANE. Needless to say, we will never drive into the city on a weekend again, lol. We normally don't do the tourist parts unless we get there early, so we didn't realize just how packed it could get. As for dinner, we stopped at an Outback on the way home where I got two pina coladas and then collapsed in my bed at 9pm.

Not the way we planned our Sunday at all.
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