Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Time management

A busy week ahead of us. Tomorrow, Alex leaves for the three-day outdoor ed program that's available to 6th graders at his school. Craig and his dad are taking him to help chaperone the first hike that's done. Not sure what his experience is going to be like. When Alicia went, it was dry. If he'd gone last month, it would've been dry. But even though we're in drought conditions right now, it started raining a bit over the weekend (very, *very* needed and people are excited for which makes Californians crazy in most people's eyes lol) and is predicted to continue off and on throughout the week. So we'll see.

After they leave the campsite, Craig will drive to SFO to pick up his aunt who is flying in from the UK to spend the last two weeks of my FIL's vacation with us. They're on the same flight going back.

Alicia's birthday is one week from today, so this weekend has most of her celebration stuff. She's demanding we go see the Lego movie, and we have hair appointments on Saturday. Cake and dinner and stuff are likely to happen on Sunday. There might be a trip into the city in there at some point, too.

Time management is my best friend this week, lol.
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