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Dressing for your body shape

Alicia turns 14 in less than two weeks. It boggles me to think about. But after our shopping trip on Sunday, there's been a lot of discussion between us about changing body shapes and dressing for them. She's 5'6", still growing, and hour glass shaped. She's going to be statuesque and very curvy by the time she's done, my own Amazon. Me, I'm not quite 5'2", curvy but very long-waisted which means I have short little legs. I know what works and doesn't work for me for the most part, but it's been a process.

She's frustrated with her changing body, and I can't blame her. Things she used to be able to wear now look odd on her, and things that would look good don't fit her more casual style. We went jeans shopping last night (because we forgot about jeans on Sunday) was not fun. She doesn't really like jeans in the first place - she is all about comfort, that one, she'd live in sweats, shorts, and leggings given the chance - and she is discovering the not-so-joys about finding the right pair of jeans. In the meantime, I'm discovering how to help her through this. I've never had girlfriends who wanted to talk about clothes, so I'm not used to communicating about them very much. But I'm trying.

Alicia's trying, too, though she doesn't get some of the differences. Just this morning, we had this whole discussion about waists because of what I'm wearing today. It's just a casual knit a-line dress, no waist on it, so I was debating putting a skinny black belt under my breasts for an empire cut to it. It looks good like that. Alicia kept trying to get me to put it at my natural waistline, but when I did and showed her why that didn't work for me, she couldn't wrap her head around the fact that it didn't look the way she expected. I had to physically show her where my belly button was because she didn't believe me, lol. But being long-waisted is something I've had to learn how to deal with. Just like dealing with dresses that always seem to hit me at the knee and cut my legs in half (worst length EVER).

Over time, she's going to have to learn, too. And she'll have to learn how to let that perspective shift when her body changes, like if she gets pregnant. It's a process. Sometimes not a very fun one.

14. Wow.
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