Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Black Sails

I got to watch it last night, after the kids went to bed. I knew there was going to be nudity and sex in it, so while I thought Alex would enjoy the pirate aspect, all the girls would make him go (literally) running from the room.

I enjoyed it for the most part. I think the pirate intrigue is going to be fun, and the best part of the episode for me was watching Gates trying to drum up the votes to keep Flint as captain. Well, and comparing what we were watching to the various ships we've toured over the years in the UK. Those things are small below decks. Watching Tom Hopper have to stoop over every time he was down there made me chuckle.

Loved Tom, though I want to tell him to close his mouth half the time, lol. Standing there slack-jawed is not always necessary. The jury is still out on some of the other actors. Toby Stephens feels a tad cerebral, though I finally bought him as a pirate captain during the final scenes. The character is insane, though, and his tirade to Billy on the boat back to the ship kind of clinched that for me. The actor who plays Vane creeps me out, I haven't completely bought Silver as a charming rogue yet, and the women are trying too hard not to be stereotypes to really make much of an impression other than that.

But I'll watch again next week. We'll see. I've stuck with worse shows for much longer before giving up.
Tags: black sails, television

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