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Friday! Woo hoo! Well, just another day around here, but the kids are happy anyway. Busy weekend ahead. Alicia takes the SAT tomorrow, then Sunday we're *supposed* to have a girls day with her BFF at the mall. I say *supposed* because BFF's siblings are both sick, including the 2 y/o with a double ear infection and her 9 y/o brother with the flu. If they're still poorly on Sunday, I have a feeling they'll cancel (more than understandable). I guess we'll see. If they don't go, Alicia and I still will, but I know she'll be a little disappointed.

Craig and I are supposed to have a date night tonight, but I'm not sure if I want to do dinner and a movie again. We probably will, but only because there aren't a ton of options locally, and we can't go into the city since tomorrow is an early morning.

No spoilers, but I love the judging on American Idol this year. My love for Keith Urban has found a new high, and hell, I've loved Harry Connick Jr since college. I can't say I've been blown away by much of the talent so far, but I like the kinder, gentler approach.
Tags: alicia, american idol, life

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