Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Going to the doctor

Alex has a doctor appointment this morning. Ever since he went off his inhaler a couple years ago, he'd had a lingering cough, nothing major and certainly nowhere near what it was like before. The pulmonologist said it was likely he'd outgrow it since it only seemed to occur when he got sick (typical) and didn't affect his lung function. The odd thing was, we eventually noticed he only ever coughed after he ate something.

In the couple years since, it's gotten worse. I wondered if it was a reflux thing, but Alex claims he's got no other symptoms when it happens, no pain, no chest tightening, no nausea. He has his coughing fit, and then it's done. The problem is, the fits are getting way more frequent, sometimes even when he just has a glass of water, and rough, like the gagging/choking coughs he used to get. So I made an appointment to get him in. I have no idea if we'll get referred to another pulmonologist or what is going on, but it's overdue. I just hate hearing my baby coughing at all. It makes me all tense, and then I start hovering which only makes him anxious and makes me look crazy, lol.
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