Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Musings on a Monday

I find it odd that I might be more heavily involved in Merlin fandom than I ever have been before. I'm writing consistently, reading consistently, and just so generally excited about the characters, they take over at times when they probably shouldn't.

Why is that? What prompts sinking into fandoms or shows at certain times but not others? I can understand how a fandom can fill holes in real life, but mine is pretty darn full. My original writing is doing pretty well, at least on the production front so I'm satisfied with what I'm doing. The kids are happy and healthy. I'm not overwhelmed with responsibilities or worried about anyone more than usual. I even feel pretty good, considering I still so desperately want to lose the weight.

I find it curious with no real answers in sight. It won't stop or change anything about what I'm doing. Just musings for a Monday morning.

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