Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Fic rec: The King's Libation by flammablehat

Since yuletide and the ag_fics challenge, I'm reading a lot more fic than I used to. I started trying to do this last year with recs from multiple fandoms, but life happened and it kind of fell by the wayside. I have different incentives this year, so I'm going to try again, this time posting recs exclusively for Merlin fics/art. Fingers crossed I don't suck at it.

TITLE: The King's Libation
AUTHOR: flammablehat
PAIRING: Arthur/Gwen
LENGTH: 1869 words
SUMMARY: Written awhile ago for this prompt on the kink meme: "Arthur never got to drink from his mother. After the birth of their child, he can't help staring at Gwen's breasts, helplessly wanting but too ashamed to ask." Unbetaed but since cleaned up a bit. Arthur and Gwen being schmoopy marrieds! ♥ \o/ ♥
WARNINGS: Lactation kink
MY THOUGHTS: Don't let the original prompt fool you into not trying this canon-divergent short story. This fic is far, far more than being a PWP about lactating. This is about Arthur and all of the pain he's suffered because of losing his mother at such a young age, with hot sex thrown in at the end for good measure. It starts off with Arthur musing on how it's frowned upon to have sex with your wife when she's pregnant but quickly evolves into a love story about so many things: his overwhelming desire for his wife's body and pleasure during the course of her pregnancy and afterward, his feelings on becoming a father, the swell of pride when it occurs. Throughout it all, his confusion about the right or wrongness of his sexual desires creates this sort of desperate yearning that dares any Arthur-lover not to ache with him. The smut, when it finally does happen, is all that much stronger, because we've spent the entire first part of the story so wrapped up in Arthur. I won't spoil the ending's specifics, but I will say that its impact comes not from the culmination of the sex but the release of Arthur's emotions. I dare you not to be moved.

The fact that it's unbeta'd doesn't hold this back in the slightest. The prose is smooth and lyrical without overwhelming the actual story, and the outside relationships - Arthur with Merlin, Arthur with his knights - respect what the show established without detracting from the Arthur/Gwen aspect. Just incredibly well done all the way around.
Tags: arthur/gwen, fic recs, merlin

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