Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

American Hustle

We ended up seeing American Hustle last night since it was its last night at our local theater. It's definitely a David Russell movie, lol. Craig has never seen one of his before so he wasn't sure what to expect. While I liked it a lot, the performances weren't as ohmigod as I'd thought they would be. I certainly don't get what the big deal about Amy Adams has been. Solid, sure, but not blow me away. The strongest of all of them for me was Jennifer Lawrence. She pretty much stole every scene she was in.

Maybe the funniest part was sitting there right afterward and Craig going, "Why do I know that Carmine guy?" I blinked, disbelieving he'd actually sat through the whole movie and not recognized Jeremy Renner, and said, "Um, Avengers?" "Oh, yeah!"

Silly man.
Tags: movies

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