Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

My kids have lives, too, apparently

Craig went into San Francisco yesterday with his dad so they could see Book of Mormon, so I took the kids out to dinner for a treat, just the three of us. It let us just sit and talk about stuff, like friends and school and the like. Would you believe that Alicia also started softball practice last night? Well, believe it. It's insane, especially since there's already a tournament set up for two weeks. Lucky for Alicia, she can't go that weekend as she's taking the SAT again this year. It's not necessary since her 7th grade scores from last year qualify her again for the summer programs, but she wants the practice.

My little overachiever also managed to get the highest score in the eighth grade on the high school math placement test they took. She's excited that now she can skip over freshman math next year and just go straight into the next level at the very least.

Alex has started up with that group at school about breaking out of his shyness and learning how to deal better with social situations. They had a getting to know each other session, and he said he really liked it. He likes the counselor who runs it a lot so that helps. It's going to be once a week for the next eight weeks, so fingers crossed it does some good for him. We've had issues the past couple months with him getting distracted again and losing homework, which boiled down to a not-so-pleasant progress report for him (science and social studies), so now I'm having to check in on the parent portal every night to make sure he's staying on top of homework. I hate feeling like I have to check in, but it's a necessary evil at this point. He can have such good habits for things he loves, and sixth grade is really the time to learn how to manage his time effectively, so we have to do it now. Doesn't make it any fun, though.

Craig and I are getting a date night, woo hoo! Dinner and a movie because Oscar noms are out and I have a boatload of movies I want to see. American Hustle, Her, Wolf of Wall Street...not to mention Saving Mr. Banks and Grudge Match for sheer fun.
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