Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Bits and pieces

I'm in a blah kind of headspace right now. Rough dreams, someone calling my house at 6:15 am and letting it ring only once so it's enough to wake me up but not anything for me to actually respond to, and this general sense of "what the hell am I doing" that I can't seem to shake the past couple days.

I got another set of edits over the weekend, but this should be the last set until March or April. That'll give me time to actually get some writing done for a change.

Someone (I can't remember who) posted about the Reading Bingo challenge over at Random House. My reading is going great so far this year - 5 books done already out of the 52 I've challenged myself to do - so I'm going to play for a blackout. I'll only count the last two books I read, though, since that's when I found the card. Lucky for me, one can possibly go in three squares, and the other can go in two. The one that's going to be hardest for me to do is the one at the bottom of my TBR pile because I can't stand doing things out of order, lol.
Tags: reading, writing

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