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All about the TV

I'm way behind on a lot of TV since certain shows require other people to watch if I want to delete it off the DVR--and I'm completely weird in the fact that I refuse to watch the vast majority of these shows alone, just to leave it on the DVR and then have to sit through it a second time most likely when the others actually watch it; if something gets watched, 99% of the time I want it off the DVR *right then*--which meant that I've caught up on the one show that nobody else in the house cares about - Dracula.

Final verdict? Still meh.

I know some people are really enjoying it, but honestly, the only reasons I'm still bothering are a) it was literally the only thing on my DVR I could watch alone, and b) I got too far into it not to see how it played out.

It was kind of nice that I could spend five hours yesterday parked on the couch, indulging in Golden Globes stuff. We ordered Chinese so I wouldn't have to cook, and nobody bothered me while I got to enjoy. I love Fey and Poehler as hosts, though they weren't quite as funny as last year.

1. Emma Thompson's presentation. God, I love this woman. She's the wacky aunt we all love and wish we could be.
2. Lupita Nyong'o. I cannot stop staring at that woman. She is probably one of the most stunning creatures I have ever seen.
3. Matt Damon forgetting his glasses. I usually think Damon is a real douche, but I found it all a bit charming, surprisingly enough.
4. Robert Downey, Jr turning it into being all about him. Speaking of RDJ, have you seen the video of him singing with Sting? Ohmigod, I love this man so much.
5. Tina Fey's joke about Gravity being about George Clooney's inability to be around a woman his own age.
6. Cate Blanchett's acceptance. She was one of the best of night, and not only because she didn't default to Jen Lawrence's nervous comments to be funny and wasn't drunk like Bisset and others.
7. The Muppets trailer commercial. Inventive, fun, and unexpected.
8. Christoph Waltz's presentation. Because...he's Christoph Waltz.

And Blacklist is back tonight, woo hoo!
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