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And the countdown begins...

March 22.

That's the day Craig goes into London with his passport to get it stamped with his new visa.

Which means we'll be leaving either that week, or the following.

There's things we don't know yet---like whether or not the in-laws will have the kids for a week or two and follow after us---but it doesn't matter. Generally speaking, I have 3 weeks to finish getting everything sorted.

I'm surprisingly not scared about this. In fact, I'm rather excited. It's finally here. Or almost here. And deep down, I truly believe I'm doing the best thing for me and my family. Everything else? Doesn't matter. I've done what I had to do in order to make this transition as smooth as possible for the people who matter most to me, and if that's not enough, then that's not my problem.

I can't believe I actually feel liberated by this new information... :)

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