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In Which I Talk Way Too Much about My Prompts over at the A/G Mini-Challenge

Haha, I was right about not surviving ag_fics. I ended up writing 8 or 9 more drabbles yesterday, but in order to survive you have to finish all of your prompts and I still have seven left. But I'm sticking to my decision to write them anyway. Some of them bunnied me pretty hard and I desperately want to write longer. Plus, I get to do my trope_bingo card with at least one and most likely two:

1. Arthur is a shy bookworm and Gwen the popular girl in school.
I can totally do a simultaneous parallel bingo with this prompt as the basis for one of the pairings: au: college/high school and epistolary. It'll be college level, if only because I just really don't like high school aus for the most part. (For a lot of the same reasons I have low tolerance for most YA.) But...oh, yeah, this one will be fun.

2. Morgana during season 3 sees a vision of the greatness of the future king Arthur which makes her change her mind.
I would've written this one as a drabble if I hadn't run out of time. It would be easy to knock out a short fic on this, though.

3. Arthur/Gwen, 40's AU
How could I not write about them in my favorite decade? I don't have a specific bunny for this one, but it will not be hard to come up with one, trust me.

4. Percival/Mithian, Sci FI AU, Mithian hitches a ride on Percival's spaceship
I had never written Percival/Mithian prior to the challenge. However, the art I chose for merlinreversebb is modern AU Percival/Mithian and I had another prompt that I filled for the pairing. I've mostly slashed Percival because, well, it's easier (though I have a 20k Arthur/Gwen/Percival WIP in my writing folder I've never posted), so I asked for the art wanting to challenge myself. I had never even considered Mithian as a possible pairing, but after seeing the art, my brain just kind of took off with the possibilities. The tiny fill I did was Mithian consoling Percival after Camlann (which just about broke my heart to write, let me tell you), and this prompt just makes me bounce up and down. Love it. SO MUCH. I think I'm going to do to the rivals to lovers/free space on my trope_bingo card for it. There's probably only four or five people in the fandom who would even read it, but I just don't care, lol.

5. Gwen/Arthur- pirate AU Gwen and Morgana are rival pirates, what happens when Morgana takes Arthur prisoner?
I don't think I've ever written pirate AU before, to be honest. I probably will keep this as a short fic, if only because I want the other two for bingo to be a little longer.

6. Merlin/Morgana, magic made them do it
Fun PWP. This is another I would've filled at the challenge if I hadn't run out of time.

7. Last minute trip to Vegas.
I have no idea, lol. I could probably come up with something for the au: alternate professions/au: mundane or unexpected friendship/au: supernatural pairs, though. More likely the former.

So those are definitely getting written at some point. But on top of that, I wrote a couple drabbles that I desperately want to expand:

1. My Arthur/Gwen steampunk prompt. There's so much possibility with this one, questions to answer, conflicts to explore.

2. Gwaine & Merlin revisiting Gwaine's childhood home. The prompt was actually them and a haunted house, and I turned it into a metaphorically haunted house riddled with angst as Gwaine came back to it. I'm dying to know more about this set-up and have poor Merlin make things better for Gwaine.

Needless to say, I think I definitely got inspired by the challenge, even if I couldn't survive. Ah well. I couldn't have predicted getting both my galley and my edits on the same weekend, so I can't really feel guilty about it. I won't be able to tackle the longer stories right away until I have more of my reversebb done, but it'll happen.
Tags: fic, merlin

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