Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Busy day

I have another insane day ahead of me. Eye exam, haircut, guitar lessons, and I still have a round of edits to get through. At least I got the galley done yesterday. That was one thing off my list. But I need stronger reading glasses since the prescription I got a year ago is already not working well enough. Which sucks. It'll be my third prescription in less than four years. My distance still seems perfect, but my eyes get so frickin' tired that even that gets tough by the end of the day. Stupid getting older.

I've also decided that any leftover prompts I have from the ag_fics mini-challenge will get written anyway after the fact. My obsessiveness makes it impossible for me to skip around the list, and there are some great prompts that are toward the bottom of it that I don't know if I'll get to, with everything going on.

With so much to get done, I'm opting for a cute day, make-up and everything. I don't usually fuss too much with make-up (I probably only wear it 25% of the time), but being in love with my hair has me wanting to put in more effort. Is that silly, lol?
Tags: fic, life
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