Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Monday, Monday

I had a pretty good weekend, considering everything. I've been writing drabbles over at ag_fics for their mini-challenge, but I have zero hope in winning. I'm doing it mostly because it's been too long since I wrote Arthur/Gwen (though it's open to just about anything as long as it doesn't disrespect A/G). But my writing time will take a hit because I got a galley and a set of edits over the weekend that both need to be done. I can't focus exclusively on writing fic like I might want to.

However, it definitely has put me in more of a fic headspace. I genuinely believe I can do my trope_bingo card this year. Those two lines are great. I'm already getting ideas.

In mundane news, the refrigerator guy has been and gone this morning. Our fridge side stopped cooling right before Christmas so we've been using the spare fridge in the garage. Freezer side was fine, thank god. Turned out, the heat sensor was shot, so he replaced it and I'm all good to go again. No more running out to the garage for every little thing anymore.

And now I'm off to edit, and maybe sneak in a few more drabbles.
Tags: fic, life

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