Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

First post of 2014

New Year's Eve around here was a home affair as usual. We had a Simon Pegg/Nick Frost night, drinking and watching Hot Fuzz and The World's End before switching over to watch the ball drop at midnight. I would've enjoyed it a lot more if that idiot Jenny McCarthy hadn't been one of the co-hosts. There are few celebrities I outright loathe, but she is one of them.

Reveals are happening at yuletide so I guess it's okay to share mine. I ended up writing Boston Legal for my recipient. She wanted to know what Denny and Alan are up to these days, and I came up with In the Mood for Sunshine, 2800 words about their third anniversary.

Today will be a slow day as everybody takes their time rolling out of bed. Craig's still asleep. Thankfully, I'm not hungover, though my stomach isn't happy about all the crap I ate yesterday. Later, we'll get all the decorations taken down, but other than that...yeah, a quiet day to start out the new year. No resolutions for me. I've decided that every day needs to be an opportunity to do/achieve something you didn't the day before.
Tags: fic, life, yuletide

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