Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Fighting the cold

All those colds my family has been fighting the last three weeks? The ones I'd managed to mostly avoid? They finally found me last night. I'm currently battling it, which sucks bigtime.

However, Craig is the best. He made a point of saying to me this morning, "Delegate. I know you do most of the work around here, but delegate so you don't have to." Love him.

Yesterday, we discovered a new games store (physical games not electronic) that's got me all excited. Everything I love in one concentrated place. It's not close, which is both good and bad. I think Alex and I would spend a lot of time there, otherwise, lol. But it's funny. Walking into game stores always makes me feel like I'm coming home. I understand those people better than anyone else in the world. What was slightly disconcerting was discovering that the magic cards I played with in college are apparently worth a ton of money right now. I tried to stress that we *played* with our cards, we didn't collect him, and the guy was basically, "Doesn't matter." It's been so long and some were only made for short periods that a single card can be worth over a grand. And I have shoeboxes full of them. Most of them were commons that aren't going to be worth anything, but hell, even if only a handful have value, that's a nice chunk of change for the kids' college, lol.
Tags: life

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