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The concert went well last night, but Alicia is home sick today. She's running a slight fever and completely out of it, poor thing. :( At least Alex is on the other side of the cold, but Craig is starting to show signs of getting sick. Man, I hate it when we're sick over the holidays.

Weigh-in this morning and shouldn't be bad. My overall goal for the month of December is just not to gain, lol. This weekend will be tough as Alex has opted for our favorite Vietnamese place for his birthday dinner, then we're hitting the mall on Sunday which means Baja Fresh. Baking starts on Monday, too. I might be screwed next week.

I'm pretty sure Alex & Sierra are going to win the whole thing, though in all honesty, I wouldn't mind if Jeff Gutt got it instead. I love both of them. I'm a little surprised Carlito is the third, I'll admit. I thought Restless Road had a better chance at that spot, even though they're not necessarily better performers.
Tags: alicia, diet, tv

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