Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Fic rec: Welcome to the New World (Merlin/Gwaine)

Yesterday, the gift for me went live at merlin_holidays, a Merlin/Gwaine fic called "Welcome to the New World." It's so utterly charming! Modern AU, with Merlin the new tech guy hired to spy on a company's employees to make sure they're not doing anything inappropriate during work hours, a company where Gwaine works so you just know there's lots for Merlin to read.

There's so much to love about it. It's epistolic fic (which I adore), all of the characters are treated well (which is so important to me, I hate it when characters get bashed), and it knows how to turn up the heat when the time comes for it.

Check it out over at AO3!
Tags: fic recs, merlin, merlin/gwaine

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