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Time is going by too fast. In one week, my little boy will be twelve. I don't know how that's possible. And it's the silly little things that are getting to me. Like last weekend when he was cleaning his room, he announced he thinks he's too old for footie pjs anymore. :( (It marginally helped that Alicia jumped right in and got in my face to make sure I knew she was not and would gladly welcome as much as I ever wanted to buy, lol.)

It also didn't help that at the concert last night, we got to see someone's 6-month old little girl, who I swear is the happiest baby I have ever seen. She laughs and smiles at literally everyone with very little provocation, and is so flipping adorable, I told her father I was going to kidnap her.

Of course, the last thing I need (or really want, if I'm being totally honest) is another baby. It's just a reminder of time passing and how little we actually have of it.

Which is too maudlin for a Saturday, lol.
Tags: alex, life

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