Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

At least it's not Friday yet

One thing for sure, I won't have to worry about a lot of the little jobs I've had around for the house for the past year. By the time my FIL leaves in February, they'll all be done. I just fear he's going to run out of stuff to do before the New Year.

I'd feel bad about him doing all this stuff if I hadn't come to grips with the fact years ago that he and the MIL just have to have something to do all the time. Plus, he's retired. It's not like he's got work and kids to keep him busy.

Does that sound too much like rationalization, lol?

I have to call the orthodontist this morning. One of Alicia's brackets came off last night. An emergency trip into the office screwed up my original errands for today, but at least I'll be able to hit the post office. I sat and finished all the UK Xmas cards last night. The American ones will happen next week. I need to get some updated addresses from family members first since at least one of them shows an aunt and uncle still married (they're not) and my baby sister still at her old house (before she got remarried). Oops.
Tags: life

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