Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The Voice results

This might be the first year in a while where I really like a lot of the top contenders. The only one in the top five that I haven't ever gotten excited about is Cole Vosbury, and frankly, that's mostly because he's never hit that cool vibe he had in the blind auditions with the theme from The Jeffersons.

But I was a wreck watching the final two. I was mostly convinced James was gone, because he was sick and it really showed in his iTunes sales. So color me happy when he got saved. Thank god for Adam's Twitter, lol. Pushed to the wall, he's the one I actually want to win, with Will a close second, but if either one of the girls got it at this point, I'd be okay with that, too. They're both very good with different things to bring to the market. They just don't excite me like James and Will.
Tags: television
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