Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Back from Thanksgiving

Back to school and back to the schedule. God, I missed my schedule, lol.

The holiday went well, though as usual, too much food. Craig has more appreciation for me after dealing with friends who are slow as molasses on prep and have no idea about time management, lol. I had to literally take a recipe out of our friend's hands because she wanted to make it as an extra on Friday when she was already planning a ton of other stuff as well as another dessert. Not to mention that she never reads recipes through and at least three of them required more cooking/baking time than she'd thought.

Still, we had fun, and my FIL got to experience his first Thanksgiving. Basically...never-ending food.

I avoided much of the internet while they were here, so today will be a lot of catching up. On top of other stuff. I'm a date late on a deadline because I lost so much time last week, so hopefully I'll get that done today, too.
Tags: thanksgiving

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