Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

FIL's imminent arrival

Craig's father arrives tonight for the holiday season. He's here for the full ninety days he's allowed on a vacation visa, which means he won't be leaving until after Alicia's birthday in February. I'm looking forward to seeing him since we haven't seen him since my MIL's funeral in Aug '12.'s not going to be easy. I've been a little teary the past day or two, random moments where it hits me that it's just him. We could pretend a tiny bit last Christmas because he stayed in the UK, but this year, he'll be here and there's no running away from the reality that she is gone. I was talking to my friend L last night, and even she thinks about my MIL, especially at this time of year. It just shows what a force of nature my MIL was and what a hole has been left with her absence.

At least I've seen my FIL on Skype and know that he looks good physically. I think if he'd aged a whole lot in the year or so since her death (which was more than possible), this would be a lot harder.

Today is going to be both hard and easy, I can tell.
Tags: life

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