Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Not as bad as I feared

I almost did a bad thing and signed up to be a pinch hitter at glomp_fest this morning. I love helping people out like that, but considering my schedule, it's a bad, bad, bad idea.

My to do list today is not quite as scary as I originally thought. I sat down and wrote it out last night so I wouldn't forget anything, and it's manageable. Getting the writing in between stuff won't be fun, but when I reread what I already had done, I realized how much fun I'd been having working on it and how quickly it wrote. It's a romcom, and being quippy when I know the characters like I seem to know these two is easy. It'll be tight, especially with company coming, but if I'm a little selfish and relentless, it'll happen.

The good news is that my next real deadline is for yuletide. I have a novella due March 1 that I'll probably start just so I don't get caught out trying to hurry to finish that one, too, because I have three projects all due June 1.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!
Tags: life, writing

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