Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Catching Fire

So I saw Catching Fire last night...

Loved it. It was a double feature, and the theater was packed, though not sold out. Mostly teenagers and their moms, with the occasional guy thrown in. Expected.

There was a moment of drama after the trailers had ended and CF was supposed to start. It didn't. They were having problems with the projector, and we had to wait almost another 15 minutes before they got it working.

My thoughts:

1. It's a much tighter story, both visually and narratively, than Hunger Games. Sure, stuff has been cut. That's the nature of the beast. But I was mostly pleased with what was left behind.
2. We get so much more of Haymitch and Peeta. Color me extra pleased with that. There's a lot more depth to both of them, which makes it more understandable why Katniss makes the choices she does.
3. The elevator scene with Johanna is fantastic. The look on Jennifer Lawrence's face is priceless, and Jena Malone does a great job with her part. Her Johanna is more angry and less bitterly crazed than she is in the books, but I like it. I think it humanizes her a lot, which is what I've seen fic do so didn't really surprise me like it did Alicia.
4. Sam Claflin does a credible job with Finnick. My one issue with him is that his American accent isn't nailed down, and when it slipped, it bugged me.
5. Costuming is stunning. Effie's outfits are still beautiful, and I want half of Katniss's clothes.
6. I love Katniss. And Jennifer Lawrence. And both even more after this.
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