Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

New(ish) Merlin comm

a Merlin fest that aims to explore and to celebrate
the rarepairs of the fandom through fanworks of all kinds.
Coming January 2014
(see the rules and schedule)

One of the things I apparently missed while I was in Florida was all mention of the new LJ community, untold_legends. It's a Merlin rarepair fest that'll happen in 2014 that claudine told me about last night on Twitter (thank you, again!). As a Merlin fan who ships just about everything but M/A, this is so up my alley it's not even funny. Basically, you create anything that doesn't have M/A as the primary ship. Either one of them can be part of a threesome/group, but they can't be in it together. I joined the comm for it, but it doesn't start prompting/claiming/working until the new year. You can rest assured I'll be reminding people about it when the time comes, lol.
Tags: merlin, pimping

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