Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

It's Friday, woo hoo!

Things for Friday:

1. I posted my entry for merlin_sexstars yesterday. It's a Gwaine/Percival piece called "The Spoils of Squires." It's 7k, and it's actually the prequel for what is going to be a long piece I'm going to start posting in December. The fest didn't want WIPs, so I tried to make this as complete as possible, but I'll admit, it leaves a lot of questions unanswered, questions the longer story will address. Still, I love it to pieces, so if you're even mildly inclined, go take a look.

2. Weigh-in is this morning. It'll probably be two pounds down for the week, which is a good thing considering we spent most of last weekend eating badly (like McDonalds, chili cheese fries and Ben & Jerry's bad).

3. Craig's company is switching all their insurance around. It's ultimately good, but it means going through the whole song and dance of making sure our providers are covered, and that Alicia's braces are taken care of. I know it's a first world problem. Trust me, after not having insurance for the first thirty years of my life, I very much appreciate that we do now. This just makes the seventh time I've had to do this in nine years, and it's annoying as crap.

4. The kids have finished reading Ender's Game which means we're seeing it this weekend, woo hoo!
Tags: diet, fic, gwaine/percival, life, merlin

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