Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Old doesn't mean dead

In keeping to what seems like a theme for me this week, I went and saw "Last Vegas" yesterday with a friend, and got bombarded with the message, "Old doesn't mean dead." It was funny (though not nearly as funny as the trailers made it look), and I probably should've anticipated the message, but it got a little heavy-handed for my tastes.

But the meaning doesn't go away, especially in light of everything that's been going on this week. It's a healthy reminder to break out of my comfort zone just because it's so easy to stay in there.

On the TV front...

I'm a little disappointed that it really seems that Red is Elizabeth's father. It seems so easy. Craig thinks they might still pull something out of their hats, but it felt too much like Red's conversation with Tom about how her father would always be there taking care of her was about Red. That's not to say I'm not still wildly entertained by this show. I love how Spader can turn from charming to deadly in the blink of an eye.
Tags: blacklist, movies

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