Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The weekend

The kids are off school today, which is a very good thing since we had such a long weekend. Alicia's last tournament went well. They were seeded #1 going into the silver bracket on Sunday, but ended up losing in the semis. Oh well. A few months off for me to recover, then we start up again in February or March. Not sure which since this is her first tournament league.

We saw Thor 2 before leaving on Friday night and really enjoyed ourselves. Perfect no, but fun.

I also finished a romance this weekend that completely hit all my buttons, Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster. Paranormal steampunk with a not-really-bad-boy vampire as the hero. I went out and got the other two books in the series and the e-book novella that come after it before I'd even finished the book, lol. I don't know if the series will live up to the first, or if my kinks getting hit so hard will transfer to the other stories, but I'll find out.

I am *swamped* with work. Galleys, posting this week at merlin_sexstars, a novella that's due 12/1, my merlin_holidays story to so...I should probably get off LJ.
Tags: books, life, movies

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