Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Back to the guitar

So yesterday was my first guitar lesson in over four years. On the plus side, I missed my baby. It was good, though a bit overwhelming because I've forgotten so much. Plus, all my calluses are gone. I need those back, stat.

Even better was hearing the teacher go on about Alicia. She had her lesson first. I'd bought the books he suggested, and she's been going through those on her own the last two weeks, so when she showed up yesterday, she wasn't completely lost. He was ecstatic. He joked he loves jazz kids because they're like little sponges when it comes to music. Give them a little knowledge, and they just want more, more, more.

That pretty much sums Alicia up. :)

He joked around at the end about a mother/daughter duet at the December recital. At least, I hope he was joking. :P
Tags: guitar

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