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I slept poorly, so I don't have much coherent to say this morning. So instead, I thought I'd share a few links that sparked me yesterday:

1. At seasonal_spuffy yesterday, effulgent_girl had a graphics post to share, a number of wallpapers, a banner, and an offer for icons/banner. I'll admit, my Spuffy interest ebbs and flows these days. I don't read much fic anymore, but I almost always look at art. Her first wallpaper is just STUNNING. Go take a look if you haven't.

2. I follow a number of craft blogs, and yesterday, somebody linked to this project from a year ago for telephone bookends, repurposing old phones for a vintage look. I *love* this kind of craft, because I have a real soft spot for the charm of old technology. It looks relatively simple, too.

3. Speaking of old technology in vintage looks, I just got an order from Etsy that I'm in love with. It includes four pairs of earrings from a shop called Designs by Annette, where she combines typewriters, quotes, and book covers. I got a Gone with the Wind set, a Jane Eyre set, and an Emma set. I can't speak highly enough of them. They arrived within just a couple days of ordering, were well-packaged, and have you looked at how cute they are? I'm not keeping all three. At least one will be used as a giveaway for a reader at Christmas time, but damn if I don't love them to pieces.
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