Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Seriously, sis?

My mom called the other day to catch up. One of the first things out of her mouth was, "Have you talked to your sister?" Which never bodes well.

Well, said sister *had* called earlier that week and left a voice message because I missed it. She wanted to share how excited she was about finding a purse at TJ Maxx that she'd tried to get new last spring and that I was the only person who would appreciate it. That's all. Purse.

Turns out, my mom - who is a nurse at a residential nursing home - got attacked by one of their residents last weekend. A 79 y/o man just lost it and tackled her in the hallway. It took tasering him to get him off her. Mom got checked over and just had a mild concussion, though they sent her home for the rest of the weekend (she only works weekends since she's so close to retiring) to take it easy. The man had a broken shoulder.

And my sister knew all this when she called me about the damn purse. She called three days after it happened and didn't breathe a word of it. Mom was joking that she didn't care because I'm the one on Mom's life insurance policy at work and she isn't, but it still made me angry.

Thankfully, Mom is okay, but I really wish she could just retire already. Her Medicare doesn't kick in yet and she can't afford all her meds on her own if she retires early, so the part-time gig has to happen. I've tried to talk her into doing it anyway and moving in with us so she wouldn't have to worry about it, but she's a stubborn woman who doesn't like having anyone do for her. A product of the divorce when she was 28.

Still, the fact that she's even come to see us here in California is a huge step in the right direction so maybe if she gets frustrated enough at work, she'll finally cave.
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