Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Getting sick

I'm sick. :( Started getting a sore throat and stuffiness yesterday afternoon and it's pretty much full-blown this morning. It will be a day of tea for me, and then an early night once we've sorted the kids' candy out.

Alicia is still trick-or-treating this year. She repainted her Tardis so she can use it again. It's unwieldy, but she always gets so many compliments and requests for pictures that she's a victim of attention, lol. I'll get a decent picture tonight and post it tomorrow. It really does pretty awesome.

I'm one of those grumps who doesn't really enjoy Halloween, so I'll be glad when today is over. It might not be so bad if Craig doesn't want to walk around with the kids tonight, but constantly opening the door to strangers and passing out candy leaves me on edge for hours. Plus, I can officially start getting excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas once I'm past today without people glaring at me, lol.
Tags: halloween

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