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Guitars and social media

Two days ago, Alicia asked me pointblank about guitar lessons. She's been itching to learn a new instrument, and her BFF plays bass guitar, so that was the instrument she chose. I called BFF's mom to get the info on her teacher (who I've met, he's great), and discovered he was looking for new students anyway. As of yesterday, I have signed both of us up for lessons.

I haven't picked up either one of my guitars since we moved here in '09 and I've been wanting to get back to it, so this seemed like the ideal chance. We don't start until November (for easier billing on his end), but we've been dragging the guitars out the past couple nights. I've been relearning everything, and she's been going through my books getting more acquainted with it. She doesn't like how heavy my electric one is, which is just as well because I prefer that one to my acoustic anyway. But that means today my fingertips are killing me. I'll have to work to get those guitar calluses back.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm having issues with Twitter. My use of it has dropped considerably since I switched over to Twitter's tweetdeck. It was the only platform I could find that would let me do what I wanted in tracking multiple accounts. But it doesn't alert me when people have posted, the slide bars are impossible, and it crashes on me every couple of days. None of this is conducive to me being over there very much. I have to remind myself to go look, and since the email notifications have always been wonky at best, I might not even know if someone has replied to me for hours if I forget about it completely.

This morning was yet another headache. I have a promo post I wanted to tweet about, but when it came for the URL, Twitter wouldn't shorten it for me, which it always did in the past. It won't do it on the web version either, which it's supposed to do, no matter what I tried. No amount of googling for help could come up with anything. It's all just making me hate Twitter, which makes me sad because I'm not keen on many of the other social media sites at all. I post on Facebook once a day just because I should, I don't see the point of tumblr if you're not hip-deep in a fandom and only interested in fandom stuff, and LJ is quiet.

It all makes me feel sad and cut-off from a world that was such a vital part of me for the past few years. I hate it. :(
Tags: guitar, twitter

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