Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Back to the grindstone

Unsurprisingly, everyone was up uber-early this morning. That's actually good for me, as it allowed me to get more catching up done. I let a lot of stuff slide while we were away, but it's back to the grindstone as of today.

That means cleaning, unpacking, grocery shopping, and social media stuff, as well as writing for various fests, a galley that needs done in the next day, and beginning a new novella due 12/1. Somewhere in there, I'll start getting caught up on TV, run my kids around, and get the UK Christmas cards done so we can get those posted to my FIL by the end of the month so he can post them out before he comes over here before Thanksgiving. Whew.

As much as I have to do, though, I'm glad to be home. I miss my space, my things, my routine. It's so good to be back.
Tags: life

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